Welcome to Synergy Frameworks

We help clients take advantage of new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems. As a technology company, we offer end-to- end solutions, from concept and strategy to design, implementation, optimization, and full support.


In the global arena, Agile has quickly proved itself to deliver applications of high quality. We implement agile software development for all projects to lend flexibility and adaptability. Consequently, you can plan and work in close coordination with the developers at every stage of the project development. Agile project management allows our experts to respond to any issues as they arise throughout the course of your project; saving you resources and, ultimately, delivering a successful project on time and within budget.


Synergy Frameworks has a dedicated team of experienced and highly trained testers that manage all testing. Various automated tools are employed in the testing cycle to measure benefits. Testing is carried out at every stage of development to ensure that you receive the best quality for your or e-commerce store.


We follow the best coding practices and development standards in the industry. Appropriate data management systems and proper documentation methodology are carried throughout various stages of development. Synergy Frameworks maintains absolute confidentiality and has been recognized for our reliability and quality.


Focusing on creating the best synergy between the latest technologies and your ideas keeps us ahead of the competition. We believe in teamwork and are passionate about technology, which is the driving force behind our success.

What we specialise in

At Synergy Frameworks, our flexible development methodology with well-structured project management process and appropriate verification and validation approach help us to meet the challenges in your development. This enables us to deliver robust and powerful solutions to meet your needs. We are always focused on maintaining timeline through the practical use of the best project management tools and state of the art approach to development. Our team has adopted an efficient and open communication system which allows both excellent workflow analysis and increased productivity. Since every minute counts, we strive to deliver on time always.

Projects Teams & Skills

For your business to thrive, you must consistently update with the latest technologies. Our team proactively lets you know what changes to expect and what all the potential impacts are to your company. Our strong work ethics and passion makes us deliver ahead of the schedule and in quality.


‘Usability first’ is our motto, and we always provide a stunning user experience, engaging functionalities, focusing on business objectives.


Your business objectives are paramount to us, and we execute projects to enhance your profitability.


We enhance your experience by building a rock solid relationship that gives us insights to improve the processes that ultimately lead to project success.

Mobile Features

→ Sensors/Wireless - BLE Based Application → GPS / LBS-Enabled Applications → Mobile Catalogs and e-Commerce → Search Service Applications → Mobile Coupons and Discounts → Mobile Workers and Field Staff → Cooperation with Outside Employees → GPS Tracking and Dispatching → Product Supply and Marketing → Mobile Web Development

  • Mobile Experience

    Delivers full-scale mobile development services for the iOS and Android, Windows, Hybrid platforms, including mobile device testing. Our goal is to deliver user-friendly, stylish, and functional applications for your business.

  • Architecturally Superiority with Future Thinking

    Advancements in technology and software are inevitable; we excel at keeping our abilities up-to- date with new technologies and trends to guarantee your application success that impacts the marketplace.

  • Intuitive Design

    A mobile UX/UI application design that is attractively understandable, you be able to just use it subconsciously without thinking throughout the user experience.

  • Business Objectives, Optimization and Insights

    Creating positive impact, in a business’s operational compass, providing key functionality to hit targets. Constant reevaluation of a cycle of evolutionary improvement guided by statistical business data insight.

Mobile Application Development

We are always ahead of the competition by focusing on creating the best synergy between the latest technologies and your ideas. We believe in teamwork and are passionate about technology which is the driving force behind our success today.

Development Experts

Our resources have great experience in both mobile apps as well as web applications, spanning both development disciplines we can provide unity across channels adding real value building cohesive platforms to drive your business.


Synergy Frameworks has experience in working with business-to- business applications and business-to- customer applications. Our detailed discovery process allows our team to completely understand your requirements. We follow best practices, that provide higher quality results in a completed product.

Quick Turnaround

We have an excellent Project Management time where the projects were accomplished before the stipulated time thus we a Quick Turnaround by letting your business grow faster.


After gathering requirements, we will provide you a monthly, weekly, and even daily goals to help maintain expectations for progress. You’ll be updated on goals daily so that you can know what individual resource is working on and the status of the delivery.


Confidentiality of projects and security of data are factors for which we emphasize utmost importance. We take competent measures to ensure the security of your data in our development environment.

24 hour Support

We are easily approachable and we work with clients 24/7 to meet and exceed their expectations.