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web page speed optimization

Did you know? Slower web page load times result in up to a 22% decrease in conversions!

Although you may have spent a lot on web design and graphics, at Synergy Frameworks, we know that web performance optimization is actually the best way to increase your profits. Starting at just $199.99, our global IT experts can enhance your site speed.

You spend money on advertising, but when have you invested in making sure your website is running at optimal efficiency? Site speed optimization has an immediate impact on your business’ bottom line. Website optimization makes your site more competitive to exceed traffic, speed, and conversion rates, giving you the best return on investment (ROI).

Why run the risk of high bounce rates that cause you to miss out on valuable conversions? Our team of expert IT programmers will optimize your desktop or mobile website to make sure your company is fulfilling on your customer expectations.

Buyer patience is short! You have only a few seconds to get compelling content onto their computer or mobile screen. In fact, e-commerce conversions peak at around 2 seconds and decline as webpage load time increases.

Optimization is even more important for mobile sites. Although the number of visitors from mobile devices increases every year, mobile site speed impacts key metrics like average time on site and bounce rate. Customers expect that your mobile experience will be virtually instantaneous, but the average U.S. e-commerce mobile site loads in 6.9 seconds! If your web visitors are unsatisfied with your site performance, they may be less likely to shop with you again causing you to lose sales to your competition.

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High Quality Web and App Development at Affordable Prices

WordPress Speed Optimization

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$199.99 /site

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Website AMP Mobile Conversion

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$800 /site

We create hand-held, mobile experiences.
First impressions are the difference between engagement or abandonment.

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Multi-disciplined optimization

Multi-Discipline Performance Optimized Base

  • Serve scaled images
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minimize redirects
  • Optimize images
  • Defer parsing of JavaScript
  • Combine images using CSS sprites
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Specify a cache validator
  • Specify image dimensions
  • Minify CSS
  • Optimize the order of styles and scripts
  • Avoid CSS @import
  • Minify HTML
  • Specify a character set early
  • Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
  • Avoid bad requests
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Enable Keep-Alive
  • Inline small CSS
  • Inline small JavaScript
  • Minimize request size
  • Put CSS in the document head
  • Remove query strings from static resources
  • Serve resources from a consistent URL
  • Prefer asynchronous resources
  • Avoid a character set in the meta tag

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) Process

Synergy Frameworks IT experts will help you make sure your web speed performance is optimal for conversions. Research shows that even a 1-second slowdown in web speed results in an 8% increase in bounce rate.

Website performance optimization is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. We know what to watch for when testing your web performance. The speed optimization experts at Synergy Frameworks will transform your website to deliver your web pages as fast as possible to keep your buyers engaged and help them convert!

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