Synergy Frameworks Technology Consulting

Synergy Frameworks Technology Consulting is a development team that takes each client through a personalized custom created expedition. We provide and implore a personalized preferential product which entails an optimal solutions program that provides suitable approaches to maximizing your ability to select the most efficient cost effective resolution based on your client’s technical and monetary constraints.

During the Solution Design process, we formulate intricate relationships with our clients providing them with the aptitude to formulate expertise decisions regarding various stakeholders and provide them with the capacity to implement an assortment of options and tradeoffs for optimal succession.

Synergy Frameworks utilizes its foresight to provide technological penetration and business aptitude to support clients with:

Providing the optimal business, technological and communication foundations.

Defining and implementing personified resources based on client’s technical capabilities

Designing an intricate road map encompassing the fundamental scheduling and technological constraints while adhering to a precise budget incorporating the client’s priorities.

Maximization of consensus on the implementation of suggested solutions for all stakeholders (a vital element of ensuring the triumph of every venture in a client’s endeavors)

A Solution Design classically entails:


ll chief stakeholders (to discover their requirements and concerns as well as to secure their buy in/evangelism)


the integration requirements of the technical landscape


the rigor and focus of collaborative brainstorming, which provide specific potential features and solutions

Wireframes / Documentation

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