ASPDNSF Salesforce Connector Stay Connected and Close More Business

The Synergy Frameworks Salesforce Connector for AspDotNetStoreFront takes customer data from your online cart, and creates new leads or contacts and adds them to appropriate campaigns in your Salesforce CRM. Giving you the leverage to send discount coupons and turn that abandoned cart into a sale, and now, a new customer.

Salesforce for Your e-Commerce Business

Salesforce enables your organization to gain insights into all operational aspects of your business allowing for exceptional growth. By having your transnational data in the form of an opportunity, accounts, contacts and leads inside the most powerful and popular CRM platforms on the planet, you gain amazing capabilities to coordinate your sales and service teams, giving you a 360-degree view of your operations.

The business possibilities are endless; you can completely tailor your Salesforce CRM to your unique business specifications and processes, all based on sales and service best practices. The Synergy Frameworks team encompasses certified Salesforce developers and engineers, so we can also help your organization automate and integrate all of your other systems, essentially creating a robust tailored ERP system to achieve your operational goals.

Why Use Synergy Frameworks’ Salesforce Connector

Our connector for ASPDNSF to Salesforce can accelerate sales cycles, enhance service and even reduce operating costs by aligning your customer data across all platforms. Once a transaction completed in your AspDotNetStoreFront store, the customer data passed into your Salesforce CRM via data mapping. Once we populate the record in Salesforce, you can push the information to any system you choose including Fulfillment, Warehousing, Email service providers, and tons of other Salesforce integrated services.

We have field tested, and proven REST API, multi-store configurable, utilization of custom Salesforce fields for customized workflows to make our solution robust and highly intelligent. The Salesforce Connector can create new leads, add them to campaigns, check for duplicate contacts, and more to make sure your marketing, sales, and service teams stay consistently up-to- date on your customers.

How the Salesforce Connector Works

When an order placed in AspDotNetStoreFront, it will create an Account, Contact(s), and Opportunity within your Salesforce account through data mapping. Our Salesforce Connector is flexible and allows you to create or update any object field you need. Additionally the Connector:

  • Populates the opportunity with the items purchased from your store
  • Includes custom field configuration for unique business workflows
  • Works with product kits in ASPDNSF
  • Provides promotions, discount and coupon code information
  • Creates prospect/leads upon abandoned carts
  • Associates leads to marketing campaigns sent through email service providers like Marketo

Synergy Frameworks can also assist with lead and campaign configuration options for creating and converting leads upon completed transactions, thereby monetizing abandoned cart marketing campaign effectiveness.

Are You Making the Most of your Salesforce Investment?

Salesforce is the hub of your e-commerce business. It tracks and monitors your sales pipelines, coupon codes, inventory, service refunds, and so much more. Although, most segments of your organization including operations, sales, service, and marketing all use Salesforce, in order for your CRM to reach its full potential is to ensure that your customer data is fully integrated across your full stack development.

We have field tested our Salesforce Connector to make sure that your records are populated with clean and accurate data that your internal team can access whenever they need it. Synergy Frameworks helps limit data fragmentation so you make the most of the investment you’ve made in your Salesforce CRM and your team can focus on engaging and retaining your customers.

Ready To See the Difference Synergy Frameworks Can Make for Your Business?

Contact our ASPDNSF experts today to discuss how to turbo-charge your e-commerce strategy. Whether you already have an AspDotNetStoreFront website or are looking to make an upgrade, the Synergy Frameworks team is committed to taking you to the next level. We believe in building the infrastructure your online business needs to thrive.